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Jim Dinning - 12th Chancellor

Dinning to encourage excellence and champion University of Calgary in the community.

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Senate Meetings

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Lecture of a Lifetime 2013

University of Calgary Professor
Allan Bell

The Lecture of a Lifetime is an annual University of Calgary Senate event designed to showcase the university's top educators, allowing them to share what they've learned about the value of teaching during their respective careers.

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About Senate

The Vision Statement of the Senate is: Senate engaging community.

The Mission of the Senate is to:

- enhance the University's position in the community
- promote the University
- influence decision makers
- foster student interests
- promote and recognize excellence
- represent the public interest

The Goal of Senate:
Senate is the pre-eminent community body that works to increase:
- the value of university education to the citizens of Calgary and Alberta
- recognition among citizens of the contribution of the University of Calgary
- citizens' engagement in, commitment to and support of the University of Calgary

The work of Senate is directed by the following Guiding Principles:
- Senators, both individually and collectively, promote the University's accomplishments and aspirations for the future.
- Senate broadens the inclusion of citizens in the University.
- Senate nurtures pride in the University and raises commitment to participate in the building of excellence in the University.

"It is the duty of a senate to inquire into any matter that might benefit the University and enhance its position in the community."
~Post-secondary Learning Act, 2004 ~ Government of Alberta